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Managed by is an agency that provides infrastructure, data catalogs and service know-how to support investigative journalism and research organizations.

One of our main services is "Managed Aleph", an exclusive and dedicated Aleph instance for newsrooms and related organizations.

Secure hosting available

Together with our partner we are offering as well secure hosting solutions for Aleph. Find out more

Why "Managed Aleph"

Aleph is a powerful tool for people who follow the money. It helps investigators to securely access and search large amounts of data - no matter whether they are a government database or a leaked email archive. Aleph is developed and maintained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and a growing open source community (of which is part of).

Aleph is mostly known for the public instance run by OCCRP. But it is as well a software that any organization can run internally. This enables an investigative boost for research teams:

  • Upload documents to a secure space only your team has access to
  • Cross-reference documents with structured data such as company registries or sanctions lists
  • Build a knowledge graph about all of your investigative data over time
  • Build an extensive archive of all your organizations research material
  • Find connections in historic and current material to gain new leads

With a Managed Aleph, everything related to server setup, security and backups is handled by us. You don't have to worry about anything at all – just investigate!

You might have questions or want to learn more about the service features.


If you are running your own instance of Aleph (or plan to run it), we provide consulting on any matter, from setting up a secure infrastructure, handling authentication, migrating and importing data into Aleph, or including Aleph into a research workflow.

Data wrangling

We do all kinds of data work, from harvesting source data, scraping public datasets, leak discovery, cleaning & import, and structured mapping from sources to the data model of Aleph. An example for useful datasets is the project