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Why work with us?

Our team consists of experienced investigative data journalists and system administrators who have worked for news outlets and research organizations all over Europe. We are passionate researchers in the first place, always putting the story above the technology. We know the constraints of an investigative newsroom and can find and provide the perfect technical solution for an investigation that balances the data privacy and security needs of all involved parties on the one hand, as well as the budget and time-manner needs of a modern and innovative news organization on the other hand as well.

Our founder and managing director, Simon Wörpel, has worked several years as a data journalist and newsroom developer for the German non-profit investigative newsroom CORRECTIV, where he orchestrated the technology around The Cum-Ex Files and Grand Theft Europe, among other award winning investigations.

We have built projects like, German Court Donations, OpenSecurityData and FollowTheGrant. In these projects we conducted the process from getting the source data, transforming and analyzing it and building an interactive data platform to present it with story findings to the public.

We do a lot of background work in the field of leak based journalism that we better not further explain here.

Our clients include major news outlets and non-profit organizations fighting for freedom of information in europe as well as independent exile newsrooms in the carribbean area (and everywhere in between).